Green enclave – Księcia Józefa

Green enclave – Księcia Józefa, Kraków Lead time: 2011-2013 A team of three detached houses located in a beautiful and quiet area between Salwator and Przegorzały completed to the highest standard. The project fully achieved by TAKBUD. Enclave Green – a set of twelve apartments in detached houses on the street Księcia Józefa 125 in Krakow.

Houses in the green – Pasternik

Houses in the green – Pasternik, Krakow Lead time: XII 2006 – XI 2007 Implementation of the first stage of construction works of residential buildings D, E as part of a housing estate Pasternik in Krakow.


Sentatorska, Krakow Lead time: XI 2004 – XII 2006 The building of the residential function and the service is located in an attractive area of Krakow. Located at the crossroads of streets: Senatorska and Kosciuszki closes his lump of intersection of these streets.


Słonecznikowa, Krakow Lead time: I 2004 – III 2005 Single family houses built in series in the street Słonecznikowa in Krakow. The project as a whole led by TAKBUD general contractor.

Residential development Kuźnica Kołłątajowska

Residential development Kuźnica Kołłątajowska Lead time: III 2009-IX 2012 The construction of the shell of the buildings belonging to the estate on the street Kuźnicy Kołłątajowskiej.

Św. Jacka

ŚW. JACKA, KRAKOW Lead time: II 2002 – II 2003 Apartment building at ul. Św. Jacka in Krakow. It has 27 apartments with garages in the basement and road infrastructure in addition has 23 garages Row.


Wrocławska, Krakow Lead time: I 2002 – II 2003 Building of residential and service function fits within the existing street  Wroclawska . Close quarter street under the interwar plans. Noble finish elevation, elevator and descend to the garage directly from the staircase provide a sense of comfort and safety.


KIJOWSKA, KRAKOW Lead time: IX 2005 – III 2007 The complex building comprises 17-storey building located at the intersection of two segments 5 and bunk on the street Kazimierza Wielkiego  and the  Avenue Kijowskiej. It has a total of 113 apartments. It was implemented in the technology mieszanej- concrete skeleton filled with ceramic brick.


TWARDOWSKIEGO, KRAKOW Lead time: II 2006 – XII 2007 The investment on the street. Twardowski is a building with an interesting shape, located in the historic center Ludwinow. Location of the investment will provide future residents with extraordinary views of the castle and the river.


LOKIETKA, KRAKOW Lead time: IX 2004 – VI 2006 Building with part mieszkalnną and services by its architectural body dominates the existing buildings. He was given the shape of an elongated rectangle, which only shorter on the sides adjacent to the street and the main lump falls in the area between the street: Lokietka and Fridleina.