Overpass Bieżanów

Overpass Bieżanów, Krakow Lead time: V 2009 – VIII 2009 As a major subcontractor Slovak company Doprastav we have performed carpentry and concreting works on the construction of flyovers E1 within S7 expressway located in Krakow-Bieżanów. On our side was the performance of footings, columns, abutments and superstructure formwork flyover.

Measuring station, Olkusz

Measuring station, Olkusz Time: IX 2009 – XII 2009 The scope of work included the construction works, land use, construction fencing and access road to the gas metering station in Olkusz.

Junction Bieżanów

Junction Bieżanów, Krakow Time: V 2009 – XII 2009 General Contractor for the construction of the national road – Route Nowa Huta in Krakow, Polimex – Mostostal realized reinforced concrete works. Concrete Pipe fi 800 fi concrete pipe culverts 600 concrete barriers separating and others. Bieżanów- node reinforced concrete on Route Nowa Huta in Krakow.