Tak buduje Takbud

Company TAKBUD Christopher Tarczyński began operations in 1996. He has a lot of completed buildings, ranging from single family homes, multi-family homes of the industrial facilities and public utilities.

About company

TAKBUD group formed company TAKBUD Christopher Tarczyński and the FBI TAKBUD Sp. Ltd. are specialized construction companies offering their services as a general contractor and as a performer of reinforced concrete structures.
Our activities are based on the high quality of the investment, professionalism and integrity in the approach to the client. Concerned about the increasing level of services provided continuously looking for better, more modern technology available on the market.
In the near future we intend to expand the profile of the activity of monolithic prestressed structures. In addition, to meet the current trends, we invest in innovative technologies such as photovoltaic panels and modern material solutions for high performance.

Our team‚

  • Engineering and technical department
  • Administration department
  • Crew – construction workers

The company currently employs 50 staff. It is a highly qualified workers, we have also qualified and experienced engineering – technical managers. This and the extensive experience gained in domestic and foreign construction provides a high standard of performance of the Group TAKBUD investment.

Our partners